About our Business

We will make use of the high-level technologies, outstanding facilities, and experience that only the KYORIN Pharmaceutical Group has and respond to the trust that our customers place in us with a global-standard production setup.

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We will utilize our experiences in manufacturing prescription drugs (new and generic drugs) and OTC drugs being sold by the KYORIN Pharmaceutical Group, as well as investigational drugs that the Group is developing, to engage in contract drug manufacturing. By seriously and meticulously responding to a broad range of needs, we aim to become a company trusted by both domestic and overseas customers.

About our Business

Our areas of contract manufacturing

We not only provide comprehensive contract manufacturing services,
from drug formulation to packaging of drug products, but also offer
partial contract services, such as packaging and quality testing.

Drug Formulations

We carry out contract manufacturing of solid dosage forms (uncoated tablets, film-coated tablets, orally disintegrating tablets, dry syrup, and hard capsules). Besides engraving seals,
identification codes and other items can be printed on tablets using a method suited to the tablets’ characteristics, such as transfer, inkjet and laser printing.


We also handle packaging-only contract operations, from small to large scale. These include various types of packaging for solid dosage forms (blisters, sachets, sticks, and bottles), eye drops, and investigational drugs. We also propose forms of packaging that take the patients into consideration, such as those that ensure medication compliance and prevent accidental ingestion.

Quality Testing

Under rigorous GMP management, we conduct quality testing of drug products, active pharmaceutical ingredients, excipients, and packaging materials. We are also capable of handling stability tests under various storage conditions (accelerated test, long-term test, etc.).

Quality policy

KYORIN Pharmaceutical Group Facilities Co., Ltd.

  • Think of quality first, comply with laws, regulations and internal standards, and contribute to the medical world by stably supplying high quality products to our customers.
  • Be a trusted company by listening to the voice of customers and responding to them sincerely.
  • Strive to manufacture better products at all times through continuous improvement.

The process of
receiving consignments

  1. Step1

    Receive inquiry from customer

  2. Step2

    Provide technical information


    Confidentiality agreement

  3. Step3

    Submit rough estimates


    Rough estimates

  4. Step4

    Receive instructions for the next step
    from the customer

  5. Step5

    Consider alternate manufacturing, testing,
    and facility investment as needed

  6. Step6

    Submit final estimates


    Final estimates

  7. Step7

    Have the customer confirm our company’s GMP setup

  8. Step8

    Conclude an outsourcing agreement


    Basic outsourcing agreement and
    agreement on quality guarantee

  9. Step9

    Conduct facility investment, validation of actual production, and transfer of testing

  10. Step10

    Begin actual production and partial contract
    manufacturing operations

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