Charter of Corporate Conduct

  • Established on April 1, 2018
  • Revised April 1, 2019

KYORIN Pharmaceutical Group Facilities Co.,Ltd.

An enterprise should pursue profits through fair competition as an economic entity, and at the same time should be a force for the greater good of society.
Companies are required to be useful to society, while at the same time pursuing profits through fair competition.
A pharmaceuticals company must remain a valuable entity that contributes to the health and welfare of people around the world by developing and providing excellent pharmaceuticals products. This will enable the company to play an important role in patient-oriented medicine and contribute to improvements in medicine.
Under the corporate philosophy of “cherish life and benefit society by contributing to better health,” Kyorin will pay due respect to human rights both inside and outside Japan, abide by all laws, regulations, action guidelines and their spirit, and act with high ethical standards based on the following principles of action.

 1.Work on contributing to improvements in medicine and supply products which excel in efficacy, safety and quality. At the same time, contributing to reduce medical expenses through the productionof pharmaceutical products that provide a high level of medical and economic effectiveness.

 2.Through sincere manufacturing contractors, and communication with health care providers and patients, we strive to improve satisfaction and gain trust.

 3.Through fair, transparent, and free competition, we ensure accuracy and fairness in our transactions and in the distribution of pharmaceuticals, the kind of products that concern people’s lives. We also maintain sound and normal relations with healthcare providers, stockholders, investors, employees, clients, local communities, governments, and local administrations.

 4.Kyorin shall give sufficient care for appropriately protecting personal information and customer information and implement thorough measures.

 5.Maintain appropriate and extensive communication with healthcare providers, stockholders, investors, employees, clients, and local communities. In this way, we disclose corporate information in a fair and proactive manner.

 6.In addition to respecting the diversity, personality, and individuality of each employee, we engage in EHS activities to prevent labor accidents and protect the health of employees, with the aim of creating a working environment where employees find their job rewarding, safe, and personally enriching. It is the responsibility of a business to encourage employees to develop both their ethics and their skills.

 7.We understand that a commitment to environmental issues is a mission for all humankind and is an imperative component of the activities and very existence of corporations. We remain voluntarily and proactively committed to environmental actions through our EHS activity.

 8.Kyorin shall engage actively in social contribution activities as good corporate citizens.

 9.Kyorin shall decisively confront antisocial factions and organizations that threaten the order and safety of civic society.

10.Management that respects the human rights of all people

11.In the event that situations that violate the Action Charter arise, senior Kyorin management will take the initiative in resolving the issue and strive to identify the causes and prevent recurrence. Senior management shall also promptly disclose appropriate information to society, achieve accountability, clearly announce authority and responsibilities, and then take strict disciplinary actions.

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